Miche Project

kids learning organic farming in uganda

Farming provides crops. Crops provides proceeds. Proceeds build a school. 

That's what we call sustainability.


Located in Kigumba, Uganda, our 20 acres of land sits over 2 miles from water and electricity, two variables that are key to getting us one step closer to accomplishing our mission. Eager to fulfill our promise to bring quality education to children living across rural parts of Africa, Shule has decided to turn a portion of our land into an organic farm. The farm enables us to raise the money we need to begin construction on our inaugural pre-school as well as improve the overall economic climate of the entire village of Kigumba. 


Our farming project will

  • bring access to clean water, health center, and electricity

  • provide young people with job opportunities by tasking them to farm with us

  • educate local farmers on the cultivation of exotic crops and best practices for organic farming, increasing their profit margin

  • raise the funds needed to begin construction on our pre-school

In one month’s time we have

  • cleared the land

  • acquired seeds

  • purchased basic farming equipment

  • assembled a team to oversee the farm

  • tested the soil to ensure high crop yield and efficient production

  • researched the agricultural demands of five star restaurants and hotels

  • hired a hydrologist to survey the land for water and design an irrigation system that will supply both the school and farm with water

  • and so much more…

Water Tank for cleaning Drinking water

Photo by Tiff Gavel

Collecting soil for testing of nutrients and ph levels

Photo by Tiff Gavel



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