The Shule Family

A typical African family

Meet the Shule Family


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Co-Founder, CEO and Board Chair
Jacqueline Wolfson is a New York-based entrepreneur who has run her own personal concierge business for the past 17 years. She has traveled extensively throughout the world, but has come to adopt Africa as her second home especially, Uganda. Since 2008, she has spent extended periods of time traveling across sub-Saharan Africa, living with local families in rural villages, volunteering in various capacities. She is also a graduate student in the NYU Fundraising Masters Program.



Co-Founder and Board Member
Okello Kelo Sam is a Ugandan native and a former child-soldier and the founder and Executive Director of Hope North, a fully accredited Senior Secondary School and Vocational Center in Northern Uganda. Mr. Kelo is also the founder and Director of Mizizi Ensemble, an arts and culture development organization based in Kampala, Uganda. Mr. Kelo has become a globally recognized advocate for peace and peaceful co-existence through the promotion and provision of quality education.


Advisory Board Member and Team Leader to Our Educators  
Alice Merab Kagoda, Professor of Education at Makerere University, has been involved in the Ugandan secondary and tertiary education system since 1976.  Following her undergraduate studies, she taught at a number of secondary schools before receiving her master's degree. Shortly after she joined Makerere University, School of Education where she has been ever since. She has served as an Associate Dean (8 years) and a member of the Makerere University senate. In 1997 she obtained her doctorate from the University of Alberta in Canada.  A mother of two sons and a grandmother, Alice is a member of the Kampala City Rotary Club and finds time to engage in voluntary work, empowering girls and promoting their education.


Moses Wambi

Education Advisor and Assistant Team Leader
Moses Wambi, Dean of Students in Uganda's Bishop Willis Core Primary Teacher College, is a long-time supporter of AIDS prevention and programs, quality elementary education and special education in Uganda. He has developed a written form of the previously only spoken form of his district's local language and published books for the initial teaching of reading in the local language. His home institution, Bishop Willis is a premier two-year preparation institution in Uganda, preparing young men and women to teach in town and village elementary schools.


Shule Emissary and Volunteer Coordinator
Ashley Manzo is a soon-to-be Rutgers University graduate with a degree in Public Health and Education. Her mission is to help change inefficient systems and bring quality, accessible education to the children living in developing worlds. She is a dedicated humanitarian and is the lead coordinator of our volunteers and emissaries. Ashley has designed a service learning program that will be a driving force in our Miche Project and will be overseeing its fulfillment.


Shule's Team of Educators

Professional educators from Uganda

Prof. Alice Kagoda, Moses Wambi, Alex Kutessa, Andrew M. Kiryra, Geoffrey Peter Ericwala, and executive assistants Esther Kirunda and Henry Katebule

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