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African children flying kites.

Kyokola Trip August 2016


“Kyokola” means service in Lugandan, one of the national languages of Uganda. Service is the ultimate goal of this trip. This is a rare opportunity to affect the health and well-being of a rural Ugandan community. Some of the most widespread challenges facing African communities are a lack of adequate access to education, electricity, clean water, as well as nutritious food. Our service project combats all of these key problems.


Photo by Tiff Gavel

Working with us, you will get a chance to learn sustainable farming and building practices. Moreover, you will gain a rich experience immersing yourself in the community by living and working closely with local Ugandans. Learn the language, enjoy the food, and experience the culture!


What’s work without a little play?! As a relief from all the hard work that is put in throughout the course of this trip, we have planned a weekend getaway to the Murchison Falls National Park in Lomil, Uganda. This is where the Nile explodes through a narrow valley between the Rwenzori Mountain Ranges. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and wildlife, we will partake in a three day safari tour. This will be an incredible, once in a lifetime experience.


 Kyokola Trip Itinerary

August 4-18, 2016

Itinerary: Subject to change.

This trip is a humanitarian adventure. This itinerary cannot possibly capture the life changing experiences you will encounter while embarking on this journey with us, but the plan is as follows:

Day 1:   The kickoff to our adventure! Arrive on the grounds and spend the night meeting some locals and getting to know your fellow volunteers.

Day 2:   Tour of the grounds. Workshop on how we will be developing our greenhouse. Start getting to work!

Days 3-7: Following an early morning breakfast, volunteers will set out to work on the greenhouse. Depending on how long it takes for it to be built and seeded, we may decide to begin planting trees early. Nights will be spent enjoying food and conversation with the locals and just hanging out!  

P2 at Jeeja Primary

Photo by Tiff Gavel

A general outline of our days are as follows:

  • 9am Breakfast

  • 10am Working on the greenhouse, seeding, etc.

  • 1pm Lunch break!

  • 2pm Back to work on the greenhouse

  • 7pm Dinner, rest, have fun and relax for the day ahead!

Day 8: Early breakfast and leave for Murchison Falls to explore one of the oldest and largest protected conservation areas in Uganda.

Day 9: Explore Murchison Falls. This stretch of river provides one of Uganda's most remarkable wildlife spectacles. Regular visitors to the riverbanks include elephants, giraffes and buffaloes; while hippos, Nile crocodiles and aquatic birds are permanent residents. It is sure to be an exciting day.

Day 10: Our time at the falls will sadly be coming to an end. Departure after lunch and head back home to hang out and prepare for day of work ahead.

Mike and Jackie Surveying the land_WB

Photo by Tiff Gavel

Day 11: Back on the grounds. Workshop on planting trees and start getting to work on our tree farm!  

Days 12-13:  Similar to the previous week, we will be following the same schedule for the next phase of our project.

  • 9am Breakfast

  • 10am Planting

  • 1pm Lunch break!

  • 2pm Back to work on the farm

  • 7pm Dinner, rest, and relax for the day ahead!

Day 14: We’ll take this day to go out into the market. Save some spending money for this day as you will get the chance to buy some souvenirs and other goodies!

Day 15: The final day of the trip. Soak up your final days in Africa and depart.



Photo Credit Mountain Gorilla Lodge

Program Cost $1850 and Includes:

  • Lodging and accommodations~~
  • 3 meals per day including water ~~
  • All in-country transportation ~~
  • Airport pick-up/ drop-off ~~
  • 24/7 staff communication ~~
  • Project materials ~~
  • Adventure excursion to Murchison Falls ~~

Not included:

  • Round-trip airfare
  • Medical or travel insurance
  • Passport / Travel Visa or other relevant travel documents
  • Vaccinations

Lodging and Accommodations:  Shule has rented a 4-bedroom house right nearby our worksite. Each room will be filled with 2 to 3 volunteers. Please note that bathroom facilities are going to be very basic. Volunteers will need to be prepared to use pit toilets and take outside showers. 

Travel and Medical Insurance:  Travel or medical insurance is not included in the program fee. We prefer to let participants decide what kind of coverage they need.

Ugandan Tourist Visa:  Your travel visa is payable at the entrance to the country ($100) which will cover your time spent in Uganda. You are expected to cover this cost. You may purchase one in the US if that would make you more comfortable.

Vaccinations:   While we strongly encourage our volunteers to be up to date on their immunizations and appropriately vaccinated for the trip, we will not cover this cost. Here we have provided our recommendations for your convenience:

Essential Vaccinations: Yellow fever, Typhoid fever, Hepatitis A, Tetanus

Suggested Vaccinations: Hepatitis B, Meningitis

Other medical considerations:  Malaria pills, antibiotic, anti-diarrheal 

End of the Day_WB

Photo By Tiff Gavel


Interested in joining us on our Ugandan Adventure? Email Ashley at for more information!