Become a Shule Emissary

"From the onset, I always believed that college students would be the driving force behind creating the change necessary so that every child is granted their basic human right--- access to a quality education." Jacqueline Wolfson, Co-Founder

What is an Emissary?

Emissary: (noun) person who is sent on a mission to represent another person or organization.

If you believe that every child deserves a quality education then team up with us to make that possible.  As a Shule Emissary you will become the voice for millions of children who have been denied their basic human EDUCATION.

Why become an Emissary?

Ask yourself, where would you be now if your grade school education wasn't free?

Imagine as a child not having access to an education because your parents could not afford to cover the cost of school fees. Do you think you would have the capability or potential to become a college student?  Would you have the basic skills to know how to read, write or do math? The answer would mostly likely be NO!

Unfortunately, this is the reality for 59 Million children living on the continent of Africa,           
who will NEVER step foot into a classroom.

If you are troubled by this reality become a Shule Emissary and lead the fight for change. As an emissary, you become part of a larger community of peers who share the same eagerness to right this wrong. We will work as one body to accomplish the shared goal of bringing quality education to some of the most impoverished children living in sub-Saharan Africa.

Your Mission

Your mission if you choose to except it is to rally your fellow students to work together to create awareness and raise funds to bring top-tier learning institutions to children living in rural villages across Africa.

What do you need to do?

Find an advisor.

It’s important to find someone who can help you with communication and logistics along the way. Speak with a faculty member that you think will be passionate about the Shule Foundation and your role as an emissary. Someone who may be able to answer questions and who will be there for guidance will help make things run smoothly!

Establish yourselves as an official club.

Check to see what your school’s procedure is for registering as a club. This may allow you to hold events on campus and to market it around school.

Develop Fundraising Initiatives.

Brainstorm creative and effective ways for your school to raise money. Remember to share the concept and get as many people involved as you can.  Don’t forget that your school includes not just the student body, but teachers, administrators, coaches, janitorial and food staff as well! What will have the most impact and mobilize your school?


Spread the word and tell people who you are and what you stand for. Hold an informational meeting for those who are interested in your club and establish leadership roles. You need to track and manage finances, handle communication, and plan projects. The easiest way to do these all successfully is to delegate jobs.

Know What You‘re Sharing.

Learn as much as you can about Shule's work. Having a united message give us a louder voice, making a greater impact. Ask lots of questions.

Spread the Word!

Take all the time you spend on social media and use it as an opportunity to spread awareness. It is a visual and powerful way for people to learn more about what you are doing on campus and in your community. Pay attention to any feedback you get to help fine tune your operations and to find inspiration for new ideas!

If you are interested in playing a key role in expanding the reach of a quality education to the children living across sub-Saharan Africa contact us We look forward to welcoming you in to the Shule Family!

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