Shule Schools

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Did you know that Shule means “School” in Swahili?

Here’s what Shule also means to us.


Our Curriculum

Our newly crafted curriculum emphasizes character and community building, empathy, conceptualization, personal development, networking, as well as diversity and collective inclusion. The openness of our curriculum allows students to choose their own path to success, be it university or technical and vocational training.  All Shule-built schools will work towards International Baccalaureate authorization.  Learn what makes "Our Curriculum" stand out from the rest here.

Our People

The student body at each school will be comprised of children from all different economic and cultural backgrounds, learning and living together.  Our faculty will be comprised of local highly qualified and well trained dedicated teachers who are team players and love to teach.

Our Community

Shule-built schools will be at the epicenter of the communities in which we live and work in. We will transform communities with improved access to water and sanitation, along with rural electrification. We will empower our neighbors by offering valuable programs and services such as computer and library access, adult education, sustainable farming initiatives, employment opportunities, and so much more.

Our Campus

Shule Campuses are designed for the 21st Century.  Our inaugural state-of-the-art primary school and sporting facility includes fully equipped modern science and computer labs, a culturally relevant and age appropriate library, classrooms, dining hall, infirmary, dormitories, faculty housing and so much more.  As the student body advances each school with construct their own secondary, technical and vocational facilities.

Shule Foundation Inaugural Primary School Campus in Bweyale

Shule Foundation Inaugural Primary School Campus in Kigumba, Uganda



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