From the CEO

From the CEO

Dear Friends,

It all started with a Ugandan child named Alex.

While volunteering at an orphanage in Iganga, Uganda back in 2008, Alex, an extremely timid seven year old, caught my attention immediately. Looking as if he had just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren ad, this young boy did not necessarily reflect the image of a quintessential African child.

Alex and I became fast friends. Having noticed that I brought books, he asked me what my favorite book was and inquired if I had brought it with me. “It’s ‘The Giving Tree’ and yes I did,” I replied. Within minutes, Alex was back at my side, book in hand, and we settled in on the grass as he began to read. Rendering me speechless as he never once hesitated on a word or looked to me for help while he read the book…Alex rarely put that book down over the course of the following six weeks.

Remarkably bright and incredibly kind, I remember thinking that this young boy could grow-up to do tremendous things.  I honestly believe he could become president one day, if he wanted. Having recently reconnected with Alex, I now know he aspires to become an international lawyer…an aspiration I know he will achieve. Alex is well on his way to achieving great things.

Alex’s mom struggled financially. Like many parents, she made the ultimate sacrifice and left her son in the care of strangers who could better provide for him. Now in a good school, getting high marks, and thriving.  Alex is one of the lucky ones.

Having met so many more Alexes over the years, I began asking myself, “What will happen to those children who aren’t so lucky?” Having spent the majority of my professional career making the impossible possible, I now find myself inspired to use my talents to take on the most challenging of challenges. I along with my colleagues on the ground have committed to make the (seemingly) impossible possible for thousands of marginalized children living on the continent of Africa…access to a quality education.

In partnership with local experts, we are working together to create an educational model that is unlike any other, is sustainable, and scalable across sub-Saharan Africa.

I hope you will support our efforts and donate to the building of our first school in Uganda. Be part of the change. Be part of something truly new.